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19 November 2005

medicine overload

since i got this nutsoid insect bite, and the swelling being rather obvious, i've had several people try to help me out with it. first thing, i went to a doctor and they gave me some meds, then one of the millwrights-turned-operations guys said he had some medicine for me today, and the driver got me some medicine he thinks will work. so here is what i'm on:

from the skin doctor
Roxidase -- roxithromycin and serratiopeptidase -- anti-biotic
NMD 150 -- nimesulide flavored dispersible tablets -- anti-inflammatory
Zehist -- mizolastine modified release tablets -- anti-histamine
Belar Forte -- betamethasone sodium phosphate tablets -- ??? used for a bunch of stuff, most of it, it seems, i don't have
Propygenta -- betamethasone dipropionate -- topical cream
Supirocin-B -- mupirocin and betamethasone dipropionate - topical cream

from our driver
Penicillin-G -- penicillin potassium tablets -- apply paste made from crushed tablet and water

from the millwright turned operator
NO NAME -- cigar leaf -- wet leaf and apply to area (he even used his own spit the first time)

the doctor's stuff was kinda working, haven't had a chance to use the penicillin yet, and the spitty tobacco leaf... i don't know. he described it as ayurvedic medicine (which is apparently an indian thing). i think he said i have to keep it wet, if it dries, wet it again a few times, and then tear it in half, throw it away and apply a new one. don't know about that. either way, i believe i'm overly medicated and not getting very far in the way of progress. oh yeah... and i'm on DOXT-100 -- doxycycline hyclate -- anti-biotic (using as an anti-malarial but also good for getting rid of chlamydia (look under 'treatments'). good stuff it is. their tagline should be "so you girlfriend doesn't have to know".
Baby, baby, baby, wait... i ain't got no chlamydia. No... no, i'm just concerned about the growing malaria pandemic. Baby, i love you. *scratch* *drip*.
or something like that. they could be rich.

i'm gonna go pop some pills. goodbye cruel puss-bag thing.


Anonymous mom 2 said...

zac...can't figure if you are over medicating but take care of that arm...tobacco leaf sounds scary to me but grandma would of loved it!!!stop smoking, really think the smoke is keeping the infection going...REALLY!!!!!take care ,love 2

12:16 PM, November 19, 2005  
Anonymous mom said...

over medicated????? DUH!! i would certainly think so. you should be seeing some progress by now. i think i am getting worried also. send another pic to see if swelling is down. how do you feel otherwise??? love ya

1:13 PM, November 19, 2005  

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