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21 November 2005

TENSION?! i don't need no stinkin' TENSION

it's funny when the customer comes in and the end-user comes in complaining of tension, much tension to get this job done. i'm telling them, what are you talking about tension? i don't know the word. they ask why and i say because i don't have a need to. things take as long as they take. just because you did the equivalent of telling the end-user you could give em minute-rice in 30 seconds. just because i come in and say "sorry, nope it takes 1-minute, and i know this because i'm an experience uncle ben's field chef. ain't gonna happen". no reason for me to feel tension, i know better how long it takes. so they are tensioning now because apparently some customer or end-user head honcho is coming to site tomorrow or the next day. see there are some things that you just need preparation for. on a gas turbine site, those things can include, but are not limited to, lube oil flushing, going on turning motor, first fire, etc. the first two in that list have set a precedent... the customer has come to us on both items saying "we wanna tomorrow". i usually laugh. this isn't like, i wanna go turn a bolt. there are detailed procedures that need to be done and pre-requisites. they came to us yesterday and wanted to go on turning gear today. HAHAHAHA!!! ok, ok, now that hurts my ribs. they want to do it because it is a milestone, and their MAN is coming. they don't seem to care about the safety of the machine because, if something fails, TheGeneral has a maintenance contract. the end-user pays us a set fee up front and if anything breaks, we fix it. so it is in our best interest to have the least break possible so we make more on the contract. this isn't our customer's concern. they need to get it fired so they can complete their contract. either way, they are in high tension, i'm not so much. granted i wana get outta here, but i don't wanna have to stay here longer if something breaks because of a shortcut.

enough of that. wtf is up with tommy maddox. i liked him in the XFL (yes i watched every game, it was great, ahead of it's time). but he just doesn't have it. the steelers need to keep roethlisberger healthy cuz maddox is ruining us. he had a good season a couple years ago. ok, retire, whatever. you are hurting my 'stillers'. and i don't like that. for some irrational reason, i still feel that losing to the ravens is like losing to the browns. i know, i know, they aren't even close to the same team anymore but still. dammit cowher, i like you, i like bettis, but you guys aren't going to have too many more chances. get the fukk on it.

congrats to OSU for beating michigan. that rocks. wish i could've been there. i've only seen post-game debris from the game once. it's a great time. never went to OSU but i'm a buckeye by state, way better than CWRU (but CWRU tributary, western reserve university (WRU)kept OSU out of the big ten for some time, beating them repeatedly back in the ealry 1900's). then WRU merged with the case institute of technology (CIT), nerds schooled with army boys, and apparently the meek inherited CWRU, cuz i don't ever recall hearing much about our teams to exceptionally well.

also, propz to bellaire big reds. they beat the ironton tigers to become regional champs, going to the state finals. if i do recall correctly, that is the team that beat us in the finals when i was in high school. good to see us finally beat them. a bunch of my friends were planning on going, i hope they did. we won in triple OT. would've loved to have been there. i love high school football in the fall. and from talking about my high school team here in the office, apparently i'm an anomoly in that i follow the team. i figured everyone kinda did, if they were a half-decent team. nope, i'm a lone reminiscer of high school footballdom. either wau, good luck next week.

too much tension, gotta go wank or something.


Blogger The B-Town Boyz said...

What up Big Z. Me, Juddy, and Steadman made the trip to OU for possibly the best High School Football games I've ever seen. They beat Ironton 34-28 in 3OT. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and the fact that Juddy tried to pick me up after the game didn't help. It was cold, but the crown and coke kept me warm. Big Reds play Youngstown Cardinal Mooney in the state semifinals this week in Steubenville. If they win then it's on the Canton for the State Championship. We beat Mooney our senior year, but lost to Versailles. They added another game to the playoffs after we graduated so now there's five playoff games instead of four. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving wherever you are this week. I'll be in Pensacola, FL celebrating with the fam. Later on.

12:03 PM, November 21, 2005  

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