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23 November 2005

a la bobby mcferrin

don't worry, be happy now. REALLY! i appreciate all your concern but i'm not in bad shape. this thing is under control. mom and mom2, you two are great at getting each other worked up so quit. i'm doing fine, snug as a bug in a rug. looked at it yesterday and it is healing nicely. prolly won't even scar. you won't remember what you were worried about in the first place by the time i get home. swedishchefdave, i do understand your concern, in that i saw the shite you went through in turkmenistan (he had a nasty virus, that wasn't correctly diagnosed until he got back to the UK). one of the funny things about it was the WARNING that TheGeneral sent out (or something) after his doctor's diagnosis got to TheGeneral. now what possible evolutionary benefit is there for a virus that has listed oral-anal contact, as a possible means of transmission. still, we do have to be careful. i'm doing extremely well. i promise. no bravado here. it looks fine. if it weren't for the the nasty water, i wouldn't even wear a bandage, but i don't wanna risk anything so i'll keep it covered for a few more days. thanks for your concern. prolly won't post anymore pix since people seem a bit overly agitated by it. i'm doing all good.

emma has offered to put off going home for xmas and new year's as long as she can get her visa, in order to help complete the job. it is a big gesture, but it may all be for naught. apparently, every indian consulate in the U.S. is staffed by utter fukking morons. EVERY TA who comes here needs an invitation from the customer since we need BUSINESS visas. i've gotten two 6-month visas in this manner in NYC, emma got hers in chicago, etc. ALL of our visas say 'tourist non-extendable'. i find out today, that if it says 'business' on it, you can extend it in-country, which helps us onsite immensely. but since they all say 'tourist', we have to leave the country. looks like it might actually be quicker for her to go back to the USA and get her visa than go somewhere close like dubai (7 days for non-UAE folk). but if she does that, she is going to want to stay home for xmas. it's just a shite position. 1) none of us want to be here on christmas and new year's, and 2) sure as shite no one ELSE wants to come to relieve us. the only benefit to covering now is two extra days holiday pay. man, i've said it before. nothing goes easy here. god-damned visa idjuts. but we the hotel is SUPPOSED to be putting together a thanksgiving dinner for us tomorrow night per our wish list we gave them. they haven't come back with any questions, i'm a bit concerned, but with low expectations comes the possibility of unexpected surprises.

check this out, paris hilton is plastic, like barbie. she never changes her smile. and check out the bottom left sidebar of this site... i'm in lust with a computer graphic. see, i'm back to my old pervy self, hakuna matata. need... more... pr0n.


Blogger swedish chef dave said...


finally got your bite conquered,
just a question, how do you get that scrolling poem running at the bottom bar, it is intriguing me, and the graphic is of my future girlfriend

speak to you later

Dave in the jungle

8:38 AM, November 23, 2005  
Anonymous mom 2 said... glad your arm is better but keep it bandaged and clean...and don't tell us moms not to worry, IT'S OUR JOB.....hope things work out for you and emma for christmas..makes me sad to think of you alone for christmas...but we will make it up to you when you get at Donalds...take mom2

9:33 AM, November 23, 2005  

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