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18 November 2005

house? iPOD? house? iPOD?

well, with these rupees burning a hole in my pocket, i decided to start looking for houses in and around columbus (any suggestions for realtors/areas?). i can't find anything i like. i mean, if i'm getting a house, and i'm not going to live there 75%+ of the time, so the brief time i AM there, i should like it. all i need is a place for my hammock, my recliner, MAYBE a bed, some books, a stereo, and a TV. one BIG room would be okay. i like lofts. who needs privacy anyways. i REALLY really like big old draft houses. i lived in a 5-bedroom, 2.5 bath place in college in cleveland. and that was only HALF the house!! the landlord lived on the other side. it was a monstrous house. had hardwood floors on the first floor and a very few were creaky and loose (nicely broken in). the kitchen had a cool breakfast nook in it that basically turned into a catch-all but it was still nice. 2nd floor had 4 of the bedrooms and one bathroom. the third floor was an awesome drafty loft area, all open with a bathroom at one end and a small bedroom at the other. our female roommate basically had this floor all to herself. we'd come up to make sure she hadn't over-studied herself to death or to make sure she WAS studying when she'd get hooked on 'sailor moon' or 'dragonball z' marathons. there was a couch up there and a small TV. that place rocked. and like i said, it was HUGE and still only half the entire building. we paid $1000/month. i'd like a place like that but i KNOW that would be useless for one sole person with minimal possessions whose rarely home. still i liked it.

now i'm just looking for a small place i guess. maybe some land and i'll put a tent on it or something. there was a cool storage shack in baglan bay that was just heavy duty tarps stretched across heavy-duty scaffolding. pretty neat, as big as you want, you can have many different levels, expandable/contractable as suits your needs. the only problems are security (anyone can break in if they have a box-cutter or knife by cutting in through your living room wall) and HVAC (the walls are thin so heat goes in and out as it would like). i'm sure i'll figure it out someday.

i'm thinking about getting an iPOD. actually, not thinking about it so much as getting one. it's in my cart and i'm searching for accessories. i really DO think my creative nomad jukebox zen xtra is better than the iPOD (despite the long-ass name) and easier to share mp3s, but the iPOD has SOOOO many fun accessories. i can't find shite for the zen xtra. i guess it is all in the marketing. i got the zen xtra because i needed at least 25 Gb for my mp3s and iPOD only had 20Gb at the time. iPOD just came out with the 60Gb in the past year or so, i think, and they can show photos and videos. blast it. THIS is why i hate decisions. i'm disappointed in myself for caving to get an iPOD (but i can take solace in they are licensed to HP now so i don't have to say it's an apple), even the mighty must fall sometime.

i'm running out of DVDs. and that sucks. granted we don't have much time to watch DVDs anymore since we are working everyday, but i like to on sunday nights since we get done a little early. i've finished my buffy series, started mr. show, i have maybe 3 movies left to watch but they aren't too exciting. i have the first 3 seasons of alias. i got all the season's of HBO's OZ last time i was home but forgot to bring them. wonder if i can get them shipped here easy enough? prolly not.


Anonymous mom said...

go with the iPOD for now. DUH!?!? we must have this discussion again about buying a house while you are "out of the country." (to be discussed in email at later date.) still love you - worry about the "bug bite" greatly.

10:36 AM, November 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zac...glad your arms better...had me worried for a and mom 1 worry about you all the time...having your mom up for thanksgiving..wish you could be here!!!!really miss you zac..take care of yourself....hope you are not smoking...more,mom 2

9:54 PM, November 18, 2005  

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