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27 November 2005

quick laugh

emma is the bomb.

she posted yesterday and was talking about our driver nagaraj, great guy that he is. she finished her post and was spell-checking and it tried to replace "nagaraj" with "negroes". she accidentally hit replace, laughed, told everyone, and proceeded to fix it. the funny thing is, she didn't notice that she'd replaced his name twice and only fixed one. i checked out her blog this morning and there she is trying to spread literacy in the african-american community here in rajahmundry. no, but really... she's not racist at all, just made a techno-goof that turned out to be mildly humorous. luckily, i got a screenshot before she fixed it.

spell check also tries to change our site name "vemagiri" to "viagra". excellent.

also, i updated my amazon wishlist cuz i was bored yesterday, added emma's blog to the links at the right (she is Saddle Tramp - that means nomad or wanderer, ya perv's).

take 2!


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