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17 December 2005

300 days

it's been 300 days that i've been outside the US this year. it all started 29 january of this year when i stepped on a plane, with stars in my eyes for a 1-month job in india. never been site lead, rarely do installations, but hey i can hack 1 month. it's all civil work, no big. then my replacement wasn't coming, he wouldn't come back to india. in between there have been ups, there have been downs, even one up that was also a down, strange as that may be. 30 days to go, i can do that, then finish the job, then the taj mahal, then maybe new zealand for a while. anyways, back from dreamland...

today has been a slow one and i believe it will also be a long one. we've been waiting for the turbine temperature to come down so we can stop it and fill the generator with CO2 then H2. the cooldown can take some time (it's been 24 hours and we are ALMOST there), the filling shouldn't take too long 2-3 hours, but 1) i've never done it before so i'm going by drawings, and 2) nothing ever goes easy in india. i don't think we'll even start filling until maybe 6-7PM so another long night. the customer decided to fill the generator at the last minute. they have NO CLUE how to schedule anything and that is why we have so many problems. rushing at the last minute. we were told to leave yesterday at 6PM and be 'on call' for starting the turbine ANYTIME during the night. we got calls at 6:30PM, 6:50PM, 8:15PM, etc just asking inane questions so there was no chance of sleeping. we got the final call at 9:00PM that we were no longer 'on call' because they decided they all, of the sudden, want to fill the generator. this is something you put in a schedule 2-3 weeks before, not 12 hours! so that's what we plan to do. only thing better than doing it today, would be doing it tomorrow (double time on sunday, baby). i didn't even realize it was saturday, with our schedule being so fukked lately from the customer's fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants scheduling. but i'm tired and i wanna go home on time, and i just KNOW that's not going to happen. why can't they just listen to us? WHY!?


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