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07 December 2005


i feel like absolute crap for some reason today. tired, headache, stomach isn't 100%. this place is eating me from the inside out. but today marks 40 days until i get my taxes back. i think i'll be here at least that long, then i can take a well-deserved (if i do say so myself, and i do) vacation. the customer wants us to come in 7A-8P tomorrow to do some site audits that are necessary for first fire. they are killing me. i've NEVER seen a customer go about things so backwards. and now it is going to cut into my sleep time. i need it today. may not even drink, just curl up in bed with a book and fall asleep before i can even open it. might not even get out of my work clothes. that sounds nice. it's one of those tired feelings i had back in college when i was up for days straight for finals and i just came back and crashed for like 24+ hours. and that is just shy of 4 hours away, THAT IS, if the customer doesn't come in at 8PM and say "...but we wanna do just ONE MORE SMALL THING." that happens quite often and they are rarely small.

one of the TAs just came in and i believe it is going to be one of those nights. god dammit. counting the days, counting the mother@#$%ing days until i get away from these people. gotta go check up on the inmates


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