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05 December 2005

another first fire date bites the dust

so, since this was to be our, what... 5th first fire date, the end-user's head guy came to site to push for more progress. we tell them maybe 15 december, give or take a few days, but all they come back with is "that is unacceptable". se previous posts... not my fault you believed they could install what typically take 12-months in 5 months. anyways, he called a meeting and we went in with 24 items that are essential to first firing... in the meeting, he asked the installer (we are only her to assist them with technical direction) when everything on the list could be done, to which they replied to ALL BUT ONE THING: tomorrow, sir.

and again it happens. we tell him it is impossible, he says it has to be, round-and-round we go, when we fire, nobody knows. so now i'm stuck again, requesting people to come to site to do their specialty when i know they'll just be sitting here waiting for a few days, all in the name of customer centricity.

maybe, just maybe, we can get out of here by 15 january? nah... what was i thinking? this is india. nothng happens on time here.


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