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08 December 2005

i love this site, it is so cool. it got me into lockpicking, and i ended up buying like $300 or $400 worth of lockpicking equipment to learn on. i've unlocked the practice locks a couple times but have been too busy to keep up lately. maybe on the plane back home. the one i'm checking out now talks about swearing. how people who have damage to the speech centers in the brain can oftentimes still curse because the brain treats a swear word as an entire word AND it's processed as a physical function rather than regular words which are treated as a collection of phonemes and are processed as language. fancy shite. that leads me to my favoritest of all language-based brain diseases, tourettes. check out what howstuffworks has to say:

Coprolalia is the medical term for uncontrollable swearing and is a rare symptom of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome (GTS). Published numbers vary widely, but relatively few people with GTS exhibit coprolalia, and more males than females experience it. It generally begins between four and seven years after the onset of tics, peaks during adolescence and tapers off drastically during adulthood. There have been medically documented cases of deaf people with GTS-related coprolalia using sign language to swear excessively. ---

hah, deaf tourettes. now that would be good fun, if only i could read them.

and in an unofficial poll, workers figured these were acceptable replacements for curse words in the work place:
Darn it
Funky tut
Jeep 'n eagle
Son of a monkey
Jeezy creezy
Sweet cheeses
Tartar sauce
Oh, biscuits

where do these people live and have they been sterilized? googly.


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