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16 December 2005

fire! fire!

so we actually got fire in the turbine, we got it up to full speed yesterday for 100 seconds before we had to bring it down due to low gas pressure on the customer side. jeez. brought it up today, found some small problems on our side to fix. but something weird happened in the steam turbine area they have to fix. this may take some time. they want to start again as soon as it's ready, even if that is 1am. man that sucks. i don't wanna come in at night. means no relaxing, no drinking back at the hotel. jebus. these guys are slave drivers. it's actually better for the machine if we wait until the morning to do it, but no, no, no. i give up, i can still see the light.

i finished my christmas shopping today, spoiled the crap outta my nephew since i haven't seen him in almost a year due to this damn job. i'll buy his love. my fam tells me he asks about me everyday and wants santa to bring me for christmas. he's cute. i wish i could. the job's almost over, just let me go. i wanna rebuild my truck. i'd need a garage for that, hmmm. i might have to buy a house, just don't know what i want or where, and i'm bad at making decisions. i over-analyze everything until i've painted myself into an analytical corner and there's no way out. i just need a place for my recliner, my hammock, some books, computer, and gadgets... i just can't make the decision. that is WAY too grown up of a thing to do.

well, i'm tired, rough night last night, gotta go nap.


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