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01 December 2005

dumb dumb dumb

i don't even see why we need customers... besides the fact that they pay us and give us a job that makes our life worth while (irony is a grand tool), they don't provide much more of a function. i've just gotten an updated first fire date of 5 december. THAT IS 4 DAYS FROM NOW!!!. the customer just throws around random numbers. it is impossible to do it, but they don't listen. their first date was mid JUNE. so now they are hassling us saying they need everything NOW NOW NOW. i mean, TheGeneral only has so many DLN kits, for example. our contract states we get one for 3 weeks. the customer wants it now and i fear they are going to hold it for like maybe a month and a half, when some other site that is READY for it could be using it. they did the same thing with an outage we had to do about a month ago. it's a 3 days outage with 15 people. there aren't but maybe 45-60 people trained to do this, so that is 4 sites at any one time. the customer wanted it done, so they pressured and TheGeneral sent the crew before we were ready for them. so the guys SAT here for a little over a month doing absolutely nothing while other sites could've been making use of them. it's killing me. i got a phone-lashing today because i haven't ordered our kits. i told them i have to order them according to a first fire date which they hadn't given me. they didn't like that. luckily the guys in the UK at the tooling center hooked me up with a kit. they sent it out 4 hours after i ordered it. gotta love that. man, i can't wait to be rid of india. looking forward to maybe australia for a bit, or maybe scotland, north of spain. anywhere but here.

on the random, i was just thinking of all the nationalities we've had onsite. there are/have been onsite: americans, a mexican, indians, one french, one italian, we have a polish guy coming tomorrow, one african, a brit, a korean, and a new yorker (that's almost a whole other planet). enough for today, my eyes hurt and i need a beer.


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