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03 December 2005

@#$%ing dropsies

it's lucky i just bought a damn iPOD recently. i hate these useless hunks of refuse that hang at the end of my arms. some people call them hands, i call them a frickin' money trap. opposable thumbs, be damned, i'm angry at both my right AND left hands.

see, 6-7 months ago i dropped my 160Gb iomega external harddrive. not dropped, per se, but set it in a precarious position. i tossed it onto a chair and plugged in, was listening to mp3s whilst dancing nekkid around the room or some other ugly-thought inducing thing, and due to it spinning up and such, it slowly over about an hour wiggled itself to the edge of the chair culminating with it's suicide dive to the floor a dizzying 2 feet below. well, that's all it needed. it just clicked and hummed and all sorts of thing except work. after exhausting all my knowledge about fixing harddrives like throwing it, punching it (actually made it spin up), opening it up as far as i was comfortable, i gave up and was going to trash it. in a last ditch idea, i looked online and iomega has a data recovery center. EXCELLENT! so i got the kit sent to my house waiting for when i was going to be home for a couple days for a buddy's wedding. i got home, packed it and sent it off. 2-3 days later they call, they can recover the data, i bent all 4 heads, $10k. yeah that's right, 10 GRAND!!!. fukk dat, mang! i mean, i lost porn, mp3s, company programs, but not worth $10k. so i spent most of the free time that weekend re-ripping CDs and cramming as much porn as possible on my USBs.

this leads to yesterday. got home from work, opened my door, and my earphones cord got stuck on the doorknob. the stars aligned themselves in such a manner that at that very moment i was adjusting my grip on my Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra mp3 player (now that's a mouthful), and when the cord pulled tight, it ended up getting the shaft and bounced across the floor. i picked it back up, plugged my headphones in and it was still playing. sweet. so this morning, i'm leaving my room, plugging my earphones in my ears, turn on my CNJZX in the elevator and at the bottom my song is ready to play... but it's not. it won't fast forward, pause... the menu button doesn't work, i can't even shut it off. i didn't have something long enough to hit the rest button so i just did a hard reboot, pulled the damn battery out. put it in, now it won't even get that far, it's stuck on the EAX boot screen and then it automatically goes to the rescue screen. i go through it:
1) clean up... i wait, it does nothing
2) format harddrive... harddrive problem
3) reinstall OS... harddrive problem
4) reboot... woo-hoo, at least that works but turns into an infinite loop of rebooting and freezing

so it is fukked. bad, and i'm pissed. good thing i backed up my mp3s a couple montha ago on my three 100Gb portable external HDs and my one 40Gb portable external HDs. that's right baby, QUADRUPLE redundancy. this technology shite is going to kill me.

oh, yeah, emma reminded me of this picture. the hotel likes me and when i get chopped tomatoes (damn low-carb diet), sometimes they like to get fancy. what do you think? maybe they went a little too far with this one? googly.

btw, i only got the iPOD because of the accessories. found an awesome 42" iTower speaker system from a link a buddy sent me. it's pretty bad ass. oh, and it's video so i can have porn in the airplane bathroom. woo-hoo. maybe that was too much.


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