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02 December 2005


i hate photoblogs (unless they are naked or scantily-clad women). i don't know why, but i prefer to read the blogs, see other peoples comments and views on everyday life, their personal mis-adventures etc. i just think that's more interesting. photoblogs just post and post and post and take a while to load. whenever i have a picture i just link it to help everyone. hopefully my witty repartee and off-center observations are enough to make you, the reader, want to click on the link to see what i find so interesting. i give YOU the right and choice to click or not to click. plus pictures take a while to load. granted, most of you are lucky enough to be blessed with super king kamehameha hi-speed connections, but i know the trials and tribulations of those less fortunate (like myself here in india). it's the simple things in life that you miss, like hi-speed internet and quality narcotics.

i rant about this because today i was bloghopping with the blogger doo-hickey button up there in the top right and ran into several photoblogs in row. some were ok, some weren't (one was of 3-4 girls from the maldives, naked, sex pics, i like porn but this wasn't cute, almost looked illegal). WTF? why? anyways. if YOU have a photoblog that you think would change my mind, drop me a comment. i might not hate yours.


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