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02 December 2005

emma's new room

MAN!! i've been here 10 months and my "simple-life" attitude is screwing me. i spent the first, i don't know, 5-6 months in the hotels cheapest style room, with two twin beds pushed together for a big bed, and i was happy. i'm easy, ya know? then the other TAs started complaining about the little rooms and were upgrading to suites. king bed, refrigerator, walk out balcony, almost twice as much as the original room but still like $40 or something. they are renovating rooms here, mainly the cheap rooms so they can up the price a bit and they are looking nice, but they just renovated their first suite and it is across from me. emma was "bored with her room" she says so she asked the hotel to move her there. she called me up to help her move and HOT DAMN! that room is nice. i saw it every morning while they were remodeling, the changed to location of the bathroom door, they quardened off part of the room to make a pseudo-living room. she has a TV in the L-shaped living room and in her bedroom (though she doesn't watch TV), and 2 really comfy love seats and a comfy 3 person couch (bright red and velvety). the bed is low (hotel said the chinese like low beds) and really nice. ALL the furniture is new, black wood with gold and silver highlights. they really did a good job. you could ALMOST imagine that you were in a better-than-3-star hotel. i'm guessing with all the money i've spent here since i've been hear ALL YEAR, they have a good bit stashed away to do more renovations like this (these rooms cost about $75+). so i went from being the only TA onsite and was happy with my cheap, little room, to having 5+ TAs onsite at most times and wanting emma's wicked rockin' room.


Anonymous mom said...

ok smarty pants- the word is "cordoned" off - not quardoned or whatever. haha. just thinking - how about you putting in for a nicer room. dopens't longevity count for anything? love ya

10:13 AM, December 02, 2005  
Anonymous mom2 said...

Zac...get a bigger room,it will make you feel and mom 1 know should know that!!! cold here and snowing a bit..going shopping with russell..what a good and will see ya,mom 2

12:02 PM, December 02, 2005  

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