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30 November 2005

blogging for blogging's sake

i really don't have much to talk about today. but i know when i get online, there are a handful of blogs i check, and if they don't update, i'm a bit downtrodden. my day is missing a little of something now. so i don't want to pass that on to you guys. so i'm here.

not much exciting going on here. arm's looking better, tired for some reason today and i didn't do anything exciting that would wear me down, the steelers got TROUNCED (and they thought that might be a good game). what is up in the NFL? chicago at 8-3?! cincinnati at 8-3? has hell frozen over? i mean my number 2 team is the bears, always liked them since i was a youngin' and before they were in the superbowl. i think i liked the fridge, and walter payton, wow! but they are my black sheep. i don't hoot and holler for them, but deep down i'm always pullin' for them. i hated to see them get kordell stewart, but i was glad he was off the steelers. i'm not jumpin' on any bandwagons or anything, just sayin' i'm proud of 'em.

i crossed the 3000 hits mark yesterday. it's taken me 9 months, i think, but not TOO shabby. that's averaging about 10 a day, and i've gotten upwards of 80 on a couple days. i don't think i'm getting many "non-valley" readers, but my peepz keep a-comin' back to see what lunacy i've gotten myself in again.

i've moved all my photos from snapfish to flickr. if you wanna see where i've been, you can check them out at my flickr site. later.


Anonymous MOM 2 said... happy to hear your arms getting sure had us all worried..not much going on here just getting ready for the holidays..been thinking about the "christmas flamingo "..must get chad started on that..really need to top yours from last year..will be hard to are both so good and take 2

7:23 AM, November 30, 2005  
Anonymous jared said...

That's right, Cincy 8-3 and comin to your house this sunday to thump the stillers!!!

Peace out.

12:49 PM, November 30, 2005  

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