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29 November 2005

can you see it? (there is something here)

i was bored so i figured i'd play with the font. if you can read this, excellent, you foiled my super-secret code. if you cannot, i'll post later.

blah, so things are going to shite again. the mechanical TA and his manager had an agreement that he would be offsite by 1 december as he doesn't work december and january. he wasn't even supposed to be here this long even, but such is TheGeneral overseas (i was supposed to be here 1 month, and now 10 months later...). so he got clearance from his manager to leave so he is leaving on the 3rd. the customer requests that we have a replacement TA here 1 week before departure to handover everything they've done. we are wating for our replacement TA to finish up in oman, i believe. so the e-mails have started flying... why did i release him? (i didn't), why is there no coverage? (no one wants to come to this shitehole), who's gonna cover mech? (me, of course, super site lead TA). i think i've been the mechanical TA on this job more than the mechanical TAs have. i mean, i can't handcuff the guys and pump em full of horse tranquilizers to make them stay.

other than that, i got to see the replay of the last 6 laps of the homestead race last night. that was cool. that marked one entire NASCAR season WASTED in india, and it looks like i'm going to miss daytona as well. i think i'm going to be here maybe into march.. WAHHHHHHH!!! i don't wanna. i bought a PSP, woo-hoo. another toy i can't play with forever. dammit.

if you can't see it, click-and-hold here and drag up (i was bored).


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