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30 January 2006

31,536,000 seconds and counting

31.5 MILLION seconds. that's how long i've been in india. today is my 1 year anniversary in this place. 1 month turns to 1 year and then some. sucks really, but i have money to fall back on. looking to buy a house, and down payments suck. getting my taxes back will help, but still, i don't know how normal people afford houses. i get paid quite comfortably, enough to help out friends and family and still live well. but i find it hard to afford a house. maybe i'm being cheap or aiming too high. but also, i think a lot of people don't get a house until they are in a steady relationship; therefore, you have two incomes to support the house payments. i don't know. this growin' up stuff is way crap, don't think i'm gonna do it anymore. saw some nice 5+ bedroom houses around columbus for about $300k+. a bit outside my range, but i would like a big drafty house like that. i know it would take maintenance, etc., but it would be like my college house, and i loved that place. i loved college. college itself kinda sucked but, the people were cool, the houses were cool, even our small nerd parties were cool. i liked the dorms too. i wanna go back. professional student so i never have to pay back my loans.

ok, well that was kind of a schizophrenically organized post. superbowl XL is on LIVE! at 4:30AM indian time. got my steeler's stuff on the way, maybe today, YEA!


Anonymous mom 2 said...

hang in there sweetie,you've made it this far...and if you don't want to grow up D0N'T...i can't believe its been a year...about your toes i think you inherited them from your mother and me...we both have strange toes but are proud of good and see you ya, mom 2

7:24 AM, January 30, 2006  
Anonymous themom said...

let me know when steeler stuff arrives. should be today!! i'm confused - what about toes??? oh well - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. love ya bunches.

2:46 PM, January 30, 2006  

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