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12 January 2006

no worries, mate

i could be wrong about this, but i would have to consider myself one of the most laid back people i know. there isn't much that really pisses me off or makes me fret. off the top of my head, the only things i really worry about are:
1.) computers. AT TIMES, they piss me off, particularly when they don't work or i lose my blog post or porn or mp3s, but this is rare (quadruple redundancy).

2.) when i'm in a physical relationship, the worry part of my head goes into high gear (her period is a day late... man, I'M GONNA BE A DADDY!), or "i saw her look at that guy and he's packing and dresses nicer than me and doesn't wear a bathrobe... i know it, she's gonna leave me".

yeah i'm retarded, i know it. i've only rarely been right (hah), but my head is dumb. but i'm working on those as well. i'm not nearly as crazy anymore. either way, other than that, i'm pretty mellow.

so i was poppin' around some blogs today (i seem to be hooked on those too, i guess i should check 'voyeur' on the post as well), and found a blog called my world at the moment. she is a buddhist norwegian. that's about all i know since i JUST met her blog, but i found a quote there i liked.
“If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it is not fixable, then there is no help in worrying” --- Dalai Lama

and THAT is why i'm going to live forever. i say that all the time. what does worrying about anything accomplish? nothing but ulcers and insomnia, nicotine addiction and hair loss, alcoholism and skin tags. i mean, hell... i could be the dalai lama, that is, if i was tibetan, bald, old, and didn't like sex so much. other than that, hey meet the DL-2: revenge of MIRL.

worrying is a waste of time, energy, and my fragile psyche. not that i'm unsympathetic. i'm there for my friends, if they wanna talk or anything, i'm there (well, a phone call away as i'm halfway around the world), but i try to instill in my friends, my belief on worrying. not sure it is working (steadman?). don't think so, but it works for me. i'll persevere in my teachings, and until then, i'll keep on keepin' on.


Blogger swedish chef dave said...


only 4 days to tax free heaven, you need to relocate your home to a permanent tax free haven, and then work from that place, houses are usually cheaper and usually warmer and the girls are always willing to get a "rich" guy,

leter dude

7:20 AM, January 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

swedish dave
if he did that than his mom would go nuts. a year is long enough for her to worry.

the sister

1:56 PM, January 12, 2006  

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