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14 January 2006

a day off... necrophiliacs UNITE!

so we finally did something right. and due to that, karma came and kicked us in the ass. 2 days ago we synchronized the unit. this is a big thing. this is when your generator is making power and supplying it to the populous. granted this was just a check to make sure everything was lined up right. we are FAR from making the power we need to. technically, we are only allowed to work 16 hours a day for safety. we told the customer it was going to be close, at 16 hours, no matter what you are doing, we HAVE to leave. they keep begging, come on, 30 extra minutes, 1 extra hour, and we keep saying, NO, it's not my call. then they bribed us with, stay late, and you don't have to work tomorrow (indian holiday, pangal, day 1 of 3). still not my call, but if the TAs are cool with it, we can stay A LITTLE bit late to finish things. ended up we worked 17 hours, and as we are packing up, they call and ask us to come in at noon tomorrow. WTF!!!. i don't trust a single one of these people anymore. and in my beaten down state, i agree to come in. i'm tired and just wanna go home. when emma heard about this, she wasn't as compliant. it was great. she went over and in a professional manner, reamed them. similar to her new year's deal, she let them have it that they are liars, and she doesn't like liars. then we left. on the ride home they call me and apologize for offending emma and gave us the day off. EMMA, to you, my eternal thanks, i needed a day off. this is our first day off since maybe 1 october... that's like 3 months. i've worked longer without a day off, but this place and these people just wear on you. it was a lovely day off. i slept in and drank and watched basketball (spurs and pistons on replay) and it was great. it was too short, but great. back to the karma, we came in today and the lube oil pumps aren't pumping out enough pressure, lift oil pressure is low, turbine is too hot, need to add a balance weight AGAIN. as my mom used to say... no good deed goes unpunished!

anyways, enough shop talk, let's talk about testosterone and testosterone filtering neurons. they have to exist. really. i need to think that they do. it's the only way i can justify that i can't grow facial hair for a damn. for example, this is my 2nd official attempt at facial hair. guten tag! that's like maybe 2 weeks, and i still have an anti-hitler 'stache (can't grow shite under my nose), and a weak left side. blah. but i figured 'why not embarrass myself again?', i do what i do, and i'm good at it. so there.

and how about all those necrophiliacs coming outta the morgue drawer just to vote on my blog. over 1 in 3 Nomadic Tendencies visitors is a fan of necrophilia, but ONLY necrophilia. no other kinks. i mean, you can have group necro (morgues ARE then good for this), role-playing necro (here, you play the flagpole, and i'll sit-n-spin, bondage necro (about as meaningless as fur-lined handcuffs, but the things you do when you're in love...). come on, you necros, tell me you gotta like more than just straight missionary sex with the dead. at least get with the #2 demographic, the voyeurs, and share your passion.


Anonymous the mom said...

sounds like you may have gotten a LITTLE rest on your one day off! i'm sure you need more though. good for emma - defending ther engineers.

take care!

6:08 AM, January 14, 2006  
Blogger B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

looks like Penn Jillette when he had his goatee

6:51 PM, January 14, 2006  

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