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23 March 2006

might be coming home - boring update post

i'm not getting my hopes up but emma is. emma is on her way home for about 2 weeks of R&R starting on sunday. with her booking flights and hotels and figuring out the logistics, it's gotten me excited. i'm going to be heading home for my R&R in a little over three weeks. my best guess is i'll leave this shitehole on 17-april, traveling to NYC to renew my visa. i'm going to TRY to do that in one day, arriving in NYC at 4:30AM, go to consulate @ 9AM, pick up visa at 5PM and catch my flight to pittsburgh at 7:30PM. it'll be tough but worth it to get home a day earlier. normally i wouldn't mind spending an extra day in NYC on TheGeneral's dime, but by that time, i won't have been home in over 8 months. i won't have been out of INDIA for 8 months. that's ludicrous!!!

then i'll be home on the 18th late, hang out with the fam through my sister's wedding on 22-april, then spend some quality (read: drinking) time in columbus with the BTBz. it'll be great to get out of here for a bit, spend some time with colton, work on my truck that's been sitting in one spot for 8 months. lots of stuff and not a lot of time, but i'll see what i can do. i'll have to head back to india starting on the 28th or so. that sucks, but we'll all have to make due. i'm not getting excited yet, but, damn you emma, i can't help but trying.


Anonymous stephanie said...

You need to give me a ring when you get home...I know that you wont have a lot of time but I really would like to hear from you if nothing else. We have a lot of beer to drink but if nothing else that can wait til you are home for longer...take care

8:49 AM, March 28, 2006  

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