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18 March 2006

firefox vs. IE


i decided to DL firefox. i wasn't sure what all the hoopla was over, i know BTVJGJ-Ho over at B-Town Boyz uses it, i don't know many others really, but i know it is gaining popularity. there are some things i like about it such as tabs. i usually have 5-10 IE windows open at any time, so having just one button on the toolbar, with 10 tabs is amazingly convenient. i also download a lot. with IE, that means multiple download windows cluttering my toolbar. firefox has one window with all the downloading items in it. great idea. since i'm a SUPER AMATEUR HTML coder, if i see something cool on a site, i look at the source code and learn how to do it. in IE, the source is just an ugly notepad document, but with firefox, it is formatted and stylized so you can see how the HTML is working. i think even TheMom might be able to figure it out (i sent her an e-mail when she joined the blogosphere formatted very similarly explaining how to use some basic HTML).

there are some things i don't like it, though they may be nit-picky. i like the 'sort by...' function in IE. in firefox, i can only sort my bookmarks by name, but i want my parent folders to be at the top. to do this, i have to move them manually. i also don't like the picture icon and picture holder being visible while a picture loads. in IE, it just remains blank, and i guess this is a personal aesthetic thing. i'm guessing this would also not bother me so much if i had a high-speed connection where the pictures were loaded before i knew it. i don't understand the idea of extensions. are these like plugins? do i need to download an extension for flash, and an extension for pdf's? i don't know.

it took me quite some time to give up on netscape. i used netscape for my web browser and microcal origin for my spreadsheet program (a good program we had to use in physics lab). i abhorred excel. some classes insisted on the work being done in excel though i preferred origin handily. as per my usual, i'd procrastinate until the night before it was due and stay up all night fukking with excel, not knowing how to do what. there were times i would wake up my roommates to ask them hoe to make a simple graph. origin was the bomb. still, since then, i've grown. i use IE and excel religiously. i even have fun with excel. i've made a lottery prediction program, fibonacci series generator, and an out-of-country calculator (i'm 61 days PAST the date i need to be out to get my taxes back (talked to TheMom and it looks like i'm going to get a nice chunk o' change back, YEA! something to make this place worthwhile)). now all i need is some help with writing excel macros, any takers? but i digress.

i think i may be able to be convinced to go over to firefox. TheGeneral's internal pages are primarily IE based (as that is what they give us on out field laptops), but when i load them on firefox, they work marginally well. if i stay with firefox, i will definitely be dual-browser for some time before i make the complete changeover. if you are interested, go give firefox a try, and tell me what you think. i'm not promoting it, i'm not that comfortable with it yet, but it's worth a look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zac, this is Ed, Clint's friend. I stumbled upon your blog here...

The firefox extensions are user-contributed modifications. They are actually pretty useful- the most useful extension that I've found allows you to open an internet explorer tab within firefox. You can have some firefox tabs and some explorer tabs in firefox using this extension. Another extension allows you to close tabs by double-clicking on them.

I've completely converted to firefox. If I happen to come across a crappy web site that was designed only for explorer, then I just open an explorer tab within firefox.

1:36 AM, March 21, 2006  
Blogger slyght said...

ed... good to hear from you. hope you check back to check this out again, but unlikely. how are you and victoria? you kids married yet? where you loacted? thanks for the firefox info, i DLed the IE tab thing, pretty cool. do you know if you can move/change the google search window? i want it to be bigger and have a dropdown like the IE google toolbar has so i can check google images, etc. thanks.

4:49 AM, March 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, me & victoria got married last july, and we're now living in wichita kansas. Wichita wasn't our ideal location, but we both managed to get jobs at the university here.

Google has a firefox toolbar that's separate from what comes with firefox. Other than that, I don't know how to change the search window, but there is a whole section of search extensions (at least 100) on the firefox website. It may be a matter of finding the extension that does what you want. Check out the beer o'clock extension while you're at it. Also, if you like netscape, you can download themes that make firefox look like netscape.

9:01 PM, March 21, 2006  

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