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14 March 2006

word association

i was reading the paper today, well not really reading it, i was doing the sudoku. next to the sudoku was an advertisement for The Master Blaster. apparently it's a half decent, if not better-than-half-decent fan, but what immediately came to mind was Master Blaster himself from Kidd Video (click KV pic up top for a refresher if you don't remember Kidd). i was 7 years old when that show was on. over 20 years ago, and that's the first thing that came to mind. talk about retro. i miss saturday morning cartoons. you used to be able to get up at 7AM and watch cartoons until noon or 1PM. it was great. kids nowadays are missing out, or they are exercising, either way, not nearly as much fun.

but there is yet ANOTHER master blaster. THE MASTER BLASTER. the one from mad max. two men enter, one man leaves. that was one bad ass mongoloid. and what's even better, he had a midget calling the shots from the babypack on his back. a crazy midget to boot. thunderdome was the bomb. bungee fighting in a cage? way ahead of it's time.

i remember as a kid, i'd collect a bunch of toy guns and ninja stars and swords. and i'd have each genre separated and neatly organized in it's own drawer. whenever we'd play guns, i'd run excitedly up to my GUNS drawer and rip everything out and go play. i guess my OCD started early. but i never had an armor drawer. look at that armor on BIG DUMB. that'd be nice to start a collection. but he needs a chest plate. IQ<100.

a second association i got (not sure how) from kidd video being an old cartoon, was The Snorks, that oh-so-cute smurfs spinoff. oh the snorks. well, that's enough of the reminiscing. i'm gonna go snork my snork. you kids be good.


Blogger Mike T said...

Master was the short dude and Blaster was the big guy who looked like a kid when Mel Gibson removed his helmet. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was a badass movie eventhough Tina Turner was in it. Who rules Bartertown? I rule Bartertown!

8:21 AM, March 14, 2006  

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