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17 March 2006

st. patty's day 2006 (now in india)

happy st. patrick's day to all. apparently SP never made it to india because there are lots of snakes here, even onsite. this is my second SPD in india. last year i had to depend on the patronage of the hotel to get my green beer. i thought last year was going to be the first year since i've been drinking on SPD that i'd not have green beer, but the hotel came through in the clutch. this year TheMom came through, and she even sent the boxers that i so modestly modeled in the pictures you see floating around this post.

SPD kinda sucks in india, not the cheerful, "everyone take a day off and get drunk downtown" revelry it is in cleveland (or chicago since J-dogg is moving on up). in india, the only revellers are myself, emma the minneapolite, and our polish TA who lives in canada (he even brought a plastic SPD leprechaun hat). we have our UK-indian mech TA who wants the guinness which i was unable to provide. he doesn't come to the bar much, being kinda put off by the man-on-man dirty dancing. i didn't really try to get any, not sure of the logistics, but that would've been the bomb. guinness in india. blast. so my boxers will have to suffice. so i got my green on, no leprechaun pinches for me, but i see SOME people who will get pinched. i'm sure the indians will think i'm crazy, or i'll end up in jail, but hey... i need stories for the grandkids.

NOTE: the above boxers were made in cambodia under license from Guinness & Co, San Francisco. nothing says authentic irish like the american guinness division outsourcing novelty men's undershorts to a third-world sweatshop. kiss my blarney!


Anonymous Rob In China said...

You are a wandering engineer in India, I am an American entrepreneur wandering in China.

Happy Saint Patrick's day. I don't think there are any celebrations here, or any green leprechaun-Guiness & Co shorts in sight.

There are some other weird things in China though, and you can check them out from my blog.

4:57 AM, March 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Zac, I know its late in the day over there, but I am just about to head out drinking. I'll raise at least one glass of Guiness in your direction (assuming I can figure out which direction yer in by then). Hey, at least with the time difference we'll be drinking at the same time. (And I'll still be drinking when you go to work tomorrow).


9:07 AM, March 17, 2006  
Anonymous themom said...

SUPER, the boxers work well i see. i KNOW how you like to celebrate your heritage. told your sister, you embrace the best part of your heritage (mine) the IRISH!!! well done, my boy!!

10:36 AM, March 18, 2006  

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