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05 April 2006

This guy in green

The last time I did this, I was barreling down the streets of delhi in an auto-rickshaw trying my best to see as many sites as possible. This time I'm in the hotel bar, cheers.

There is a new white girl in town, blonde and apparently german. Emma is not the only one anymore. She hangs out with some guys, I'm guessing colleagues. One colleague wears the SAME greent st. Patty's day shirt to the bar everynight!!! I can only hope he washes is everyday.

This same man wears black mid-calf socks and black leather slipper/shoes. It is quite humorous to say the least cuz this guy is PALE! Last weekend he and some recently arrived missionaries were shaking their respective groove thangs on the floor. That was funny too. I just got some pix of the last two "going away" parties today, I'll try to post tomorrow.

Poor poor emma's leave is over. She gets on a plane back to this shitehole in about 3-4 hours. That's gotta be a horrible feeling, but can't feel too bad after 10 days back in civilization. I'm nexy god dammit, I've been here almost 8 months STRAIGHT while emma's gone one TWO R&Rs.

That's enough bitching. Let's see how this turns out. GO STEELERS!!! (I'm wearing a bettis jersey courtesy of TheMom).
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