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05 April 2006

12 years

it's been 12 years, today, since kurt cobain's apparent suicide. i do say apparent. i'm one of those conspiracy theorists. i think courtney had something to do with it. if not everything do with it. there's something i can't express verbally about kurt cobain and nirvana that i just understand. he wanted to be something big but always complained about the spotlight. it was orchestrated by a kid from aberdeen, WA who wanted to get out of there.

the book, Heavier Than Heaven is a really well written biography about kurt cobain. you see into the problems he was having in his life, the torment his shyness put him through, musical inspirations, the stories he made up, and the stories he didn't want told. i read it several years back, and the title is just a kicker. there's just something about kurt that i want to feel, i want to understand. it would've been interesting to see where nirvana could've gone. he was an amazing musician who change the face of music and died entirely too young at the age of 27. i just can't express it.

and though i missed it (although if you use 12-hour time, you still have a chance), this morning (and this afternoon), the time and date will manage to coincide so that it will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. fancy.


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