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07 April 2006

a quick update.

i'm coming home, in 10 days. everyone get ready. it's been 8 months since this kid's been on american soil, and i'm gonna make the best of it. tentative schedule: into bellaire late on the 18-april (maybe a trip to steve's on 19th?), and i'll be there until TheOlderSister's wedding on 22-april. then i plan on going to columbus early on sunday, 23-april, to see the B-Town Boyz (and Girlz), and hang out there til maybe 27-april, when i will be forced to re-pack and fly back to india the evening of the 28th. it's gonna be fun. i have a post over on BTB about things i should do when i get home. go on over and add to the list.

i can't wait to leave, too bad i have to come back. more later, i have a funny picture to post, that i've been meaning to post for almost a year.


Anonymous themom said...

WEEEEEE! I finally get one of my New Years Resolutions to come true. Get to see YOU!! (HA Paul - we know the other resolutions are fruitless!) Can't wait to pick you up at airport. The regular entourage will be doing the honors.!!


2:54 PM, April 07, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

zac...just the word we've been waiting on....soooo happy to hear the news that you're coming home finally...can't wait to see you...hope the boyz are planning something for you...get a room and we will all go to won't that be fun??? yeah right!!! love ya mom 2

8:44 AM, April 08, 2006  

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