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04 April 2006

the pix i promised over the weekend

there isn't much going on onsite, we've had one thing scheduled to do today and it's been canceled, un-canceled, and re-canceled again. sadly, that's not surprising. i think we MIGHT start it tomorrow. the unit is shutdown until maybe 8 april IF we are lucky (and we usually aren't). they want me to bring someone in for finishing tuning the unit on 25 april. EVEN IF we start back up on 8 april, we still have maybe a week of steam blows (HAHHAHAHA), then 2-3 weeks of piping restoration, inlet work, upgrades and modifications... definitely not april 25, 19 days away. it's cute how optimisitic they are (the original schedule had us being done in mid-july... 2005!!!). anyways, here were the pictures i was laughing at, but was a bit too inebriated to figure out how to link from the page all courtesy of

accidental pornI bet there are some church-goers out there going, "what's wrong? i don't get it, no really! tell me!"

handicapped, nu uhi should've saved this for BTBz since apparently that is where all the hating is. some militant(frustrated), homosexual(gay), non-hearing(deaf) asshat was ragging on a BTG for one of her comments when I was the one who made the initial post, and mine and C's comments were far more passive-aggressively malicious (if anyone can translate a 'FOW', i'd love it. i think he makes words up. steadman?). but you get that with asshats. and deaf people. and sometimes cripples, but they can't run so not as often.

**don't visit his site, he doesn't deserve the traffic, i was just linking to the post to show you what a fukktard he was. he probably did it JUST to get traffic. so please don't, take my word for it**.

oral sexand finally a little oral sex for the masses. i just thought this was funny... and i need some... funny, or sex, or both. or either... yeah, either. so this fulfilled my funny. anyone up for some sex (TheFamily and TheMales are, of course, excluded)? that last pic is classic.

you went to asshat's link didn't ya? i knew it. JEEZ!!!


Blogger Paul said...

Nice pics, I guess... If I could see them! Big boxes with little red x in the upper left corner and a title... nice... leaves everything to the imagination which may be OK for females but us guy's gotta have our visuals... Where's the pics???

9:49 AM, April 04, 2006  
Blogger Paul said...

OK, nevermind, it's not your fault... The General is at it again, blocking the originating site... Damn the luck, I'll just have to wait until I get off the corp network...

9:53 AM, April 04, 2006  
Anonymous trinnydecca said...

in relation to the 2 photo from, check this out

the six episodes of this show are so complete and perfect and funny, they make me want to cry.

8:47 AM, April 05, 2006  
Anonymous stephanie said...

U never cease to amaze me...enough said

9:26 AM, April 05, 2006  

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