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02 April 2006

a day off!!!

yeehaw, i got a day off! i can't believe it. again we are in a shutdown, the customer is taking yet another shortcut that will probably result in more delays. but hey, we get paid by the hour. it really sucks. probably more days in rajahmundry (rajahmahendri). TheManager2 approved my vacation from 12 june through 28 july, so i get a sabbatical. yeah! i can't wait for some time off. itll be great. that is.. if we are done by then. but then again he canceled the rest of my requests. WTF!? there are weddings i REALLY need to go to, and he's saying lump them together. I CAN'T TELL MY FRIENDS WHEN TO GET MARRIED!!! he's moved on to another position and is only wrapping things up. after about 4-5 months without a permanent manager, we got one the other day, he was a temp manager between TheManager1 and TheManager2 (writing like C++). apparently he liked the job.

well, TheManager2 was telling me what a good job i'm doing (on the 10PM scheduled call), the regional manager loves the work i'm doing (good for him, i can't wait to get out for good), and he says in 3-4 years i'd be prime for project management... HAHAHA! we have to do yearly reviews where i say what i did, what i wanna do, short-term and long-term goals, etc. i made sure to NEVER say anything about management in my review. i'm an engineer. i want to engineer, i want to fix things. TheGeneral is a pretty good company to work for, but they really push for management. i don't know why. if you have good engineers, keep 'em in the field. if they want out, put them in Engineering. why push them where they don't want to go? i just don't get it. nevertheless... i'm not going to management, no worries kids. no shirt and tie for me.

still, that is not what i started writing about. i started writing about my day off. last night was a bit of a send off for one of the TAs. sadly, he's still stuck going to another site in india. he will be there working temporarily until we need him back. so we drank him away. i came back to TheRoom around 11PM maybe and woke up around 4AM, lights on, TV on, music on, laptop on... hah, the good ol' days come back again. i get my bearings, change and go back to bed. i woke up, glad for the day off, glad to sleep in, and when i checked the clock it was 8AM. COME ON!!! ths is my day off, and i slept in to FIVE minutes past my NORMAL alarm

i have some funny pics, but i can't figure out how to take care of it. maybe tomorrow


Anonymous themom said...

let me guess - ALL that time for a sabattical and i will only see you maybe two days!!! drat. love ya anyway. leaving for columbusin a few, be back tomorrow hopefully. will let you know.


3:12 PM, April 03, 2006  

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