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23 March 2006

a link for TheMom and our cool customers

i remember way back when TheMom worked at barsi's TV and had budget tax upstairs, she did a lot of the computer work. with that state-of-the-art windows 3.x system came BOWEP - best of windows entertainment package. hearts, snake, freecell, minesweeper and... JezzBall. so this one is for you, TheMom. have fun and let's see that carpal's tunnel flare up. i warped to level 16 and got through it with 1 life left. rock on.

customer partyand here is a pic of our customer. doesn't this look like a rockin' good time? if this isn't the best way to invite a bunch of people to come together but give them minimal chance to talk to more than 2-3 people, i don't know what is. sitting around with a bunch of guys you work with everyday (some were here early on in the job, have left, and came back for this merriment) is just how iwant to spend my wednesday evening. we (emma and i) were drunk when this picture was taken and she was having a hard time taking it without the flash. we didn't want to get their attention with the flash and have them look at their TAs drunkenly mocking them with digital photography. still, after a few fuzzy pictures, she took it with a flash, and we ducked down behind my 4th floor balcony wall before they could see us. we waited a minute to pop up, and they were still looking. FOILED!!! we meekly waved and giggled (yes, i believe i giggled, i was drunk) as we slunk back from the balcony and into my room. oh yeah, one funny thing about the party was that around 10:30PM, IN UNISON, they all rose to eat, we assumed. it was funny, as they rose about half of them went to the buffet line, and the other half made a bee-line for their cars * GET ME THE FUKK OUTTA HERE!! * we were confounded, but then again, that is nothing new in this country.


Anonymous themom said...

OMG JEZZBALL - i used to be the QUEEN of the game. in a few shnort games i made it to level 14, not bad for playing cold. You DO REMEMBER i was hooked on the game. thank you thank you thank you. love ya baby!!


ps - quit playing games with the troops!!

6:50 AM, March 23, 2006  

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