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27 March 2006

i'm such a nerd with google earth

it's a slow day as usual. nothing much going on, running the turbine for steam blows. everything seems just about status quo. usually emma comes over to my desk during lunch and we watch some of my DVDs (alias, oz, etc.) i'd recently run out and TheMom and TheSister couldn't find my recently ordered latest season of Oz, so we had to deal with "bowling for columbine" which i got off the alstom TA. well emma is on her way home for her well-deserve 10 day R&R plus 2-3 days to get her visa renewed. lunch was boring so i got the idea to look up airline flight trackers. i wasn't sure where to look so i went to google. found a few, and found one that shows realtime stats but also has a google earth KML overlay that updates position every minute. how bad ass is that? the pic on this link is where she was at 3AM EST, just coming over new foundland, canada. it shows speed and altitude, plus with the page i got the link from, i could see that she was going to be about 46 minutes late per the estimate and scheduled arrival time, and that she had just over 1000 nautical miles to her destination of chicago o'hare int'l airport. i'm gushing over a computer program and some overlays, but i don't care, i think it's cool. someone, anyone, buy Google Earth, and track me when i come home hopefully just after easter. come on, it'll be fun.

oh, and yeah, today is my 400th day out of the country since 31 jan 2005.


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