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31 March 2006

nothing much to update

not much going on here. life is boring, india sucks, no progress at all. TheCustomer is working like made to cut back on cost. they've decided to stop "force cooling" our unit. this is when you turn the turbine around 700 rpm to pull in ambient air and that get pushed out the exhaust taking heat with it. but the thing that turns the unit that fast uses electricity to do it and electricity costs $$$. so that's been taken off the table.

today the customer rep came in and asked why we had two printers. well one is the SITE-wide fax machine/scanner, but doesn't print very well, and the second is our actual printer/copier. they are looking to cut down on redundant office equipment to save on costs. WHAT!!! it's a rented printer, it can't be more than like $100/month. they have to be hurting. i ALMOST feel bad for them. we all want to go home, but it just doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

one of the better moves they've made is demobilizing our excitation guy. we charge about $300/hr, i believe. he's been sitting here with nothing to do for MONTHS (at about $2400/day or $57,600/month), but they kept him so we'd be ready at ANYTIME once steam blows are complete. well, they decided that would be a good way to save money even if they have to eat a little crow with it. he is going to a WORSE site in india that he was at before here. they are going to make use of him until we are really ready (best case, about a month). so that actually does make sense.

i just realized i only had cheese and tomatoes for lunch. i'm hungry.

today is going to suck after work. someone must know i hate phone calls. today i need to call a subvendor about a part number we can't find. then i have to call into a conference call about site progress, THEN i have to call my manager for my 2005 review. THREE calls in one day. if you don't know, i have a SEVERE phone phobia. i hate calling people, i'm afraid i'm going to sounds dumb and unprepared, and blah blah blah. if they call me, it's not my fault if i sound unprepared, i wasn't... they called me without warning. oh, wait, i have a FOURTH call to make. i bought some absinthe and am having it shipped to emma's house to bring back, but the company wants me to call them to confirm since the billing and shipping addresses are different. i've tried to call them 7 times already, and i get disconnected while on hold. PLUS, by the time i get through to them (maybe tonight), it'll be too late to ship to emma's house so i'll have to have them ship it to MY house which then would not have required this order confirmation phone call. JEEZ! why does ordering pseudo-hallucinogenic alcohol from europe have to be so damn tough. PLUS it adds to my stress of a FOURTH phone call.

all the while AVP (alien vs. predator) debuts on indian TV tonight and i wanna watch it, but i'm gonna have to talk to my manager, a phone call scheduled for 10PM, FRIDAY FRICKIN' NIGHT!!! blah.

enough bitchin'.


Anonymous mom 2 said...

zachary....thank you so much...
love you mom 2

7:07 AM, March 31, 2006  
Anonymous themom said...

ok - what is mom 2 thanking you for???? what are you doing now??? i am such a nibshit - hate to have things going on i am unaware of...hmmm.

get on that PHONE!! i know you have the phone phobia, but honestly thought you may have gotten over it by now!! guess not.


7:44 AM, March 31, 2006  

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