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25 March 2006

shameless self-promotion

hey, someone, preferably in a college town but i'll take anyone... please print up some banners for me. simple banners. "" or "nomadic tendencies @". that's all it needs to be. you can get fancy if you want. post them all over the place. this is a grassroots effort to get nomadic tendencies out there. post them on telephone poles, stop signs, shop windows, leave them behind at restaurants as a tip, whatever. act as if it is a band show coming up. wherever you would post for that. i'd do it but i'm in india. most people here don't know what computers are. come on... help a blogger out. if you do it, take pictures, and i'll thank you bunches. if you're cute, i might throw in sexual favors when i get home, if i get home.

come on, you know you want to do it. it gives you a reason to go out to the park or get outside to take in some fresh air. you'll be multi-tasking. you'll be 1) getting healthy and getting rid of the cabin fever, 2) helping promote a one of your favoritest blogs in the whole wide world, and 3) you'll put a smile on the face of a chronically apathetic blogger stuck in india. i want some new readers, and i want YOU to be the person who made that possible. you can say "I helped build nomadic tendencies to what it is today". hell, you know what? i'll make it easy for ya, just print out this pic a couple hundred times and drop them from the tallest building you can find. that ALWAYS gets 'em. sex, yeah sex. i don't care about false advertising. they come for the sex, they stay for the witty and brash insight.

enough of the whining, emma is leaving tomorrow. she is excited as all get out. her coverage guy arrived late last night, seems to be a pretty cool guy from texas. not much for him to do today so he's easing into it. emma has to finish packing tonight, and she's going to store her stuff in my pimping presidential suite since i have SO MUCH damn room. tonight the alstom TAs are throwing a birthday party for the iranian-german, ali. his birthday was earlier this week, but it seemed best to have the party on the weekend even though WE still have to work because our customer is schedule-challenged. so we are using the party as a send-off for emma as well.

ok well the work day is almost over. i'm done begging. tell me how the campaign is going at any time...

...i don't hear those printers!!!


Blogger themom said...

getting right on this one dear!!


10:30 AM, March 26, 2006  
Blogger The daughter said...

You know I am on it brother. I will put them everywhere. You will be famous in the Bellaire Computer Nerd Circle. hehehe Just Kidding. I will hang them where I can though I printed out a few already.

9:41 PM, March 26, 2006  

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