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02 May 2006

my little dorkus maximus

while i was home i had the chance to go to columbus to hang out with the BTBz. it was a good time. on tuesday, TheSister and TheMom came up because the sister had to have wrist surgery at one of the OSU hospitals. i asked that they bring TheNephew up with them and i'd take him to COSI on tuesday during her surgery. i first went to COSI on a 5th grade field trip and fell in love with the place. i went again a couple years ago and it was still as fascinating, so i figured TheNephew would love it. much to my (and his) dismay, i found out at the last minute while trying to get directions that COSI is closed on mondays and tuesdays. so being the quick-thinking uncle i am, i decided we were going to go to the columbus zoo.

so we did. we had a great time running around even though it turned a bit cold and rainy halfway through the day. he was initially wearing a blue camo shorts outfit with a green camo zip hoodie. as it got colder, we put the hoodie around his waist to keep his legs warm. when that became ineffective, i gave him my short sleeve shirt to wear (i still had a long sleeve on), and we made the best of it until the rain when we had to buy some ponchos... sorry no pix of that. anyways, we improvised and had so much fun running around and laughing and playing. here are some pix to prove it. there are animals in just about every picture with him, so you can click to enlarge the picture to get a better view.

colton and the flamingoscolton and the gator

colton and the lizardcolton and the python

colton and some old tortoisescolton monkeying around with the monkeys

colton and the silverback's buttcolton and the silverback

colton and the okapicolton in my shirt

colton feeding the birdsbird attacking me trying to get to colton's nectar

colton and the kangarooscolton posing in uncle zac's shirt

cool blue frogcool yellow frog

colton and the goldfishcolton and the bison

colton the prairie dogmommy and baby elephants

we had a good time, and he was on his best behavior. i miss the little booger. hope he likes seeing his face up on the internet.


Anonymous themom said...

super wonderful uncle zac!!! colton will talking about the ZOO for quite a lonnnnng time. thank you.

12:33 PM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous stephanie said...

My little booger! No Zac, not you! He looks like he had so much fun! What a wonderful uncle youare! Sorry I couldnt see more of you when you were here!

2:44 PM, May 05, 2006  
Anonymous Ellen said...

The pidtures of your nephew wearing your shirt like a robe had me thinking one thing....


9:45 PM, May 09, 2006  

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