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21 July 2006

damn computers

well i spilled a drink on my computer, and it is majorly fukked. i can't get the thing to turn on. took it to a local shop. they got it working for a few seconds, but then it shut down. not sure what they did after that, but it is gooned. gotta go to vijayawada on monday to drop it off at an IBM dropcenter. they'll send it to hyderabad, and they should get it back in about a week. i don't know what i am going to do. i'm a net junkie. i need to be connected. ever since college, i've had the bug, and now i'm going to be cut off for a bit.

see, emma is leaving. her tour of duty is over. she talked to her manager and said she needed a permanent replacement, and on monday, she gets on a plane outta here. she's been here onsite with me the longest. i guess i'm going to have to make new friends or play my PSP more, but i won't have a computer. when i have issues like this i use hers (as i am now). but after monday, i might be a bit scarce. i'm a nerd so i might go to the internet cafe to blog, we'll see. really sucks. i really hate computers. they are so... dainty. a little liquid and "OH FUKK *ZAP*". so i'll see ya when i see ya. i'll TRY my best to update, but when i'm borrowing the other TAs' computers, they may not want me socializing. keep in touch kids.

oh, before i forget, the personnel manager for this site e-mailed me y esterday asking when i wanted to go on R&R. i wanted to go on the 18th to be at my friend's wedding back in the valley. too little, too late. i MIGHT'VE been able to make it if i didn't have to haggle with my manager over business class travel. cheapos. that's it for now.


Blogger themom said...

i can't believe how many times you have screwed up, dropped or just plain broke your laptops. CLUTZ!!!

Love ya and miss ya bunches.

9:05 AM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous EN said...

Dude, you know I like you, but after your record with electronics I wouldn't let you near my laptop, Emma is a saint. Your mom beat me to the punch

4:21 AM, July 23, 2006  

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