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20 July 2006

so THAT's why i can't see me

first, i must apologize to the person who was stalking emma's and my blog. almost immediately after he made some quite rude remarks and posted a rather scathing and untrue personal attack on his blog post, it seemed we were blocked from viewing blogs. the paranoid in me figured mr. man had some strings he could pull somewhere, somehow. i couldn't really figure out how such a thing could be done, but i found out today. i apologize, you aren't as all-powerful as i might have feared, but you were still pretty rude. anyways, my friend and fellow TA a.k.a slave-to-the-man, swedish chef dave, found an article on the BBC web page that shed some light on the topic. you can read the article here.

apparently, india is turning in to china. free speech is dangerous. ahhh, scary people who type on their computer screens might incite a riot. AHHHHH! what the hell? i just want to stay in touch with my friends and family on their blogs, but that must be dangerous. also, it seems not all ISPs have blocked them, but i'm guessing they will. governments always find a way to impose their will on the masses (taxes, benefits, whatever). but i'll keep blogging, i just might not know what i'm saying, cuz i can't read it.

btw, i'm having some computer issues. will explain more later when i have more time and emma will let me steal her computer. i hate computers and frozen beer.


Blogger themom said...

very interesting article. it seems the masses of irate indian bloggers may rise up against government controls. i love activists!!!!


9:49 PM, July 20, 2006  

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