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24 August 2006

Welcome bristol NASCAR fans!!!

If you are visiting this site from a card you received while attending the Bristol NASCAR race, thanks for coming. I'd like to thank my fellow B-Town Boyz, T, JHo, and ChumpAssFool for helping. ChumpAss placed them randomly around the campsites and track, T is the chain-smoker who welcomed anyone to personally have a card, and JHo filled in the gaps.

Please... If you will, leave a comment telling me how you got here and where you are from. Then head over to B-Town Boyz to see what we are all about.

Back to drinkin' and bristol-izing.
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Blogger Paul said...

Dude, good to see you back stateside and living large. When you gonna fix the html code on this post?

10:26 AM, August 25, 2006  

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