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07 August 2006

more tickets

well, i got the OTHER ticket. the other day i got the international round-trip tickets from delhi to pittsburgh and back. today i got the ticket from vizag to delhi with a connection in hyderabad. only problem is it is monsoon season. vizag floods a lot and was closed 2-3 days last week due to rain. i'm flying out of that very same airport on saturday, and it is supposed to rain the rest of this week. as a very last resort, if vizag isn't flying that day, my driver, the bomb diggity that he is, offered to drive me the 7-10 hour (depending on the driver) trip to the connecting flight. we'll see what happens. i'm so excited, and i just can't hide it. detlef (alstom TA) is leaving tomorrow, and he's having a similar worry, but it hasn't rained in a few days so i think he is OK. hope my luck is as good.

can't wait to see everyone. i'm definitely going to be in bellaire and columbus, emma is coming to meet me for a few days sometime, and we'll probably visit both places. i'm gonna try to make it to cleveland but no promises there. my truck might die, and i have a week in bristol out of my schedule.

oh and major propz to emma. she sent me a care package... yeeehaw. i got corn nuts, french's yellow mustard. stagg chili (thanks, i was jonesin' for some at lunch), TONS of slim jims, some pepperoni, soup and rice. my last few lunches in india during this tour are going to be GREAT. thanks chica. 143.


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