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12 August 2006

leg 1 of 4 complete

i was able to get out of vizag without major delays due to weather. i'm currently stowing away in the hyderabad business lounge. i have a 5 hour layover here (it was a backup place in case vizag was flooded) so now i'm bored as bawlz. bought some books to read. then i have a 4.5-5 hour layover or so in delhi. i was going to get a hotel, but they are saying be there 3 hours early due to the new travel restrictions. not sure what to do, don't want to miss the flight but a hotel for just 2-3 hours? eh maybe i'll do it for the shower if nothing else.

well, i have more to write but i couldn't do it justice right now. one thing is pretty damn funny, and the other is gross. maybe later. i like to keep you in suspense.


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