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10 August 2006

much ado about nothing

kinda the way i feel about this place. i went to the bar to intro the new guy (yeshe showed up today, YEA!) to the bar, but he didn't show up. so i drank a few and decided i need to pack. as much as i want to leave this place, i can't seem to get motivated to pack for some reason, strange. couldn't be that i have 18 momths of stuff here that i need to fit into a suitcase that holds a week or so.

i think i fit it all in, we'll see, when i sober up tomorrow. until then... thanks smiller for the offer to take me to milwaukee **i'm not worthy**. if i was wanting to go near there, i'd take you up in a heartbeat. it's been far too long, see you sometime soon if it's in the stars. later all.

i'm not spell checking, i ain't got the time. i'm a jet-setter, ya know?


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