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06 August 2006

ok, so i'm alive

yeah yeah yeah, i know, it was stupid but slightly humorous to say the least. i found a few things strange though. when you eat something spicy, really spicy, noth eyes water. i snorted the chili powder up my left nostril and only my left eye watered. that is, until i snorted to get the rest out, must've mixed up in my sinuses, and then both eyes watered.

another thing i was wondering, apparently cocaine is snorted to get it into the bloodstream faster. i figured the chili powder might give me a headache or something since it was going to get in the bloodstream faster, but nothing. maybe it doesn't bind with the right receptors and stuff so instead of a buzz, i just sneeze and tear a lot, and give everyone at the table a nice laugh.

fancy stuff, it is. anyways, this time next week, i'll be 6 hours from landing at pittsburgh international airport. only worry i have is that is it monsoon here and that means unreliable tiny airports. i REALLY hope the weather holds out for me. i need a break.

i'm bored on this sunday afternoon. blah. i'd eat something, but i'm tired of indian food. walked yesterday, so that's enough exercise for the weekend. i'm pretty much done with my books (btw, emma, do you know where my "wicked" book is, and did you finish the "atom" book i sent with you?), except for my bible, and it's a slow read. so i'm gonna go back to my exciting 12-4 sunday routine of CSI, CSI:miami, CSI:las vegas, and CSI:new york. yea, what an exciting life i lead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know where "Wicked" is, I don't think I would have packed it, but I'll check when I get back to Mnpls a little over a week from now. You'll be home by then, I'll call you.

"Atom", I haven't finished it. The damn atom is still 16 particles, and honestly I'm struggling. It's supposed to be about this atom, but it hasn't even been created yet!! Googly.

Talk to you soon.


10:10 PM, August 06, 2006  

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