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14 September 2006


Yeah... They freak me out. Why are they sooooooo indian. Maybe the indians learn how to be cool from our free sports giveaways.

Btw... Going to italy on monday, minneapolis tomorrow to see a BIG party with DJs and the like. Thanks emma for letting me tag along. Later (from flanagan's).
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Blogger swedish chef dave said...


hope i seeya in Florence, i may have to go to do thing in the office, i have missed your blogs man, i was in need of external contact with someone who knows what it is like in the wild world of turbines and shit, sakhalin is bad man, OK now but winter is 8 months long. and so isolated and no beer, your going to be a skinny guy if you go to a dry camp with Pignone, let me know where your next project is going to be and doing what

speak to you later and keep the flag flying cap'n

dave in the tundra

2:17 AM, September 15, 2006  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Glad to hear youre heading to Ital. Sorry I didnt see you much while you were here. Hopefully next time though. Be careful. Tell Emma Im sorry I never got to meet her! POssibly send me some pics of Italy??? You know its my dream!? Take care!

11:03 AM, September 15, 2006  

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