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19 September 2006

CDG airport sucks

Really. Charles de Gaul airport in paris, france is one of the worst airports I've ever been in.

First, you have to actually go through passport control to transfer planes. Typically, you don't do this until your final destination. Then, you are directed to go through the baggage claim area to get to the tranfer terminal. Once you are there, you can see the pretty signs for your terminal, but there I'd a huge glass wall keeping you from it. You then have to go through customs, exit the building and come in another door. Wtf?

The temperature in the terminal is sub-tropical whcih doesn't help my odoriferousness after an 8-hour flight ( and we can't take deodorant on planes anymore). I apologize to my next plane neighbor in advance, I tried to smell better. Maybe I'll fit in with the french.

Also, I bought 2 international power adapters, put them in my bag, and walked for maybe 15 minutes to find a trash can. Nope, nowhere. Maybe france is like the "burning man" festival where you take all your trash with you.

On 2 occasions I opened bathroom stalls with people in them because they don't know that there are locks on the doors.

But I did read in the paper what MIGHT be good news for swedish chef dave. Looks like russia pulled out of a $20B deal for sakhalin-2, so he might not have to stay for winter.

Well, I gotta catch my last plane. On to florence I go.

Emma, miss you, had a great time in mnpls. Tell TheDomesticPartner I say thanks for having me. It was a great experience.
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Blogger themom said...

you give a wonderful perspective on the art of "traveling." only you would have to endure the worst of the worst - your mantra i guess. luv ya and miss ya bunches already. take care baby.


8:19 AM, September 19, 2006  

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