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22 November 2006

drunken country repeats south of the border (WHAT?!)

i bought a shiteload of CDs before i came to algeria. music i wanted to catch up with that i hadn't bought. i'm not big on buying country music. i like it a lot, don't get me wrong, but i'm more into buying rock CDs. still, i went and bought the backlog of brad paisley and kenny chesney CDs along with some old everclear, helmet, and sponge. i just got around to listening to them on my computer whenever i have some computer work in the office, and i heard a song i recognized, but it wasn't quite right. when i was home from india, i'd heard on the country radio a good song called "some people change" by montgomery gentry. while listening to kenny chesney's when the sun goes down, i heard the same song which kenny sang 3 years ago. now that is a bit quick for a cover, particularly in the same genre. we all know most country singers don't write their own stuff, there are quite a few R&B/country songs that are covers from the other genre that work very well in both (i.e. billy joel's "shameless" covered by garth brooks), but only 3 years in the same genre, come on. too bad i think trace's version is better.

and speaking of kenny chesney, i think he's an unpatriotic drunk. just kidding, i like him, but still, you gotta look at some of the songs he sings. a lot involve drinking and mexico:
por ejemplo, "summertime", "beer in mexico", "tequila loves me", "somebody take me home", "when the sun goes down", "keg in the closet". "being drunk's a lot like loving you", etc. it's crazy. there is a definite theme going on there, but it's a theme i can live with i guess.


Blogger Paul said...

Hey Slyght... Hope Thanksgiving in Algeria is as good or better than last year in India!!! Not that India's version of our Thanksgiving was great but memorable for sure.

8:50 AM, November 22, 2006  

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