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20 June 2007

hour 32

i've been up 32 hours straight now. i tried to get to bed last night, and it just didn't happen. i was just about to force myself when i saw a movie about charles bukowski on. it was really good, what little i saw of it, seeing actual footage of him. man, i wish i could've met him. he was one of a kind.

anyways, i'm exhausted. it's amazing how short your nerves can get in a situation like this. we've been painting since about 9AM (it's now about 6:30PM), too many coats of paint, the TheMom wanted me to change out an outlet, but it's wiring was ancient and i couldn't figure it out, so i was throwing a little internal tantrum there. i'm so tired. strange how you fall back on what's comfortable when your nerves are shot. i keep coming back to her, wondering what she's doing, probably sleeping. wishing she was here to rub my feet (hah, like she'd ever do that, plus i'm just too ticklish).

my manager's replacement called me several times to see if i'd do a one month installation in canada, but 1) i have things to do next weekend and 2) i deleted the voicemail and forget his name. oops. maybe next time. well, the paintings done, i'm gonna take a nap, then maybe a little grub and a few drinks. we'll see. **passes out**



Blogger themom said...

MEAN MOMMY!!! Please forgive me!!!!


10:54 AM, June 21, 2007  

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