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04 June 2007

i'm hungry

i was unusually hungry today when i got to work and i realized, it's because i hadn't eaten in over 24 hours. yesterday was my day off so i slept til about 2PM, had a few drinks at the hotel bar then called the dayshift TA to get into something. we grabbed dinner at boston pizza (they have AMAZING baked ravioli and lasagna) around 5PM and had a few drinks at his hotel bar, so we could drop off the car and take taxis where we needed to go.

we went to a bar called "the vat" that had a sort of open mike night. they have a house band to play backup if necessary. there was a lady singing just slightly off key when we walked in but she wasn't TOO bad, then this kid, maybe 20, got on stage. he sang and played guitar accompanied by the house bassist and drummer. this kid was amazing. he played just about every genre you could think of and had crazy fast fingers. i was thoroughly impressed, i really need to practice my guitar. after he was done, we sat through a few more acts, then went to a club/disco called "branley's", i believe. field guys like to chase tail. me not so much, but the dayshift TA wanted to try to pick someone up. we drank a few more, and, DAMMIT, i danced again. this is getting ridiculous. i wasn't really feeling the groove, but tried to force it anyway. it was all good fun. the dayshift TA said i was doing pretty good, but he was drunk. we left at closing (it closed at 12:30 since it was sunday), the taxi dropped me off at my hotel then took him to his. i kinda felt sorry for him, as he had to be at work at 7AM and i had all day to sleep it off. i'm feeling A-OK right now, and that brings me back to the starting topic. it's 8:30PM, and i need to get something in my belly. i'm starving... 27.5 hours without food is WAY too long for a man of my stature. more after breakfast.

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