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01 October 2007

now, i just gotta get home

i just insured my new truck. this whole internet thing... i really think it is going to catch on. i love how easy it is to do things online, from around the WORLD. i added a vehicle to my policy, was able to research which is better, uninsured motorist coverage or collision (i went with uninsured, even though i could research it, doesn't mean what i found was very clear). i printed up my temp insurance cards until me new ones arrive (i'm optimistically aiming to be done here within a week or so). i use parentheses (a lot), and i'm not sure why. maybe it's a kinda unconscious subliminal voice, like zach braff's character in 'scrubs' or like kevin arnold in 'the wonder years' (i never watched it, but i caught snippets... damn, there i go again).

well, i'm gonna go sit on the naughty step (OH YEAH!) for my irresponsible use of parentheses. btw, i fixed the plain white t's - "hey delilah" video several posts back. i really think it's worth a look-see / listen-hear (?). good for when you're missing someone, and aren't we all at sometime.

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Blogger themom said...

Yes "uninsured" is a definite YES. Although having car insurance is mandated - it never fails, in Ohio, if you get hit by someone - THEY HAVE NO INSURANCE!!! You are the bomb--and I think you are right "this internet thing may catch on!" Al Gore will be so happy!

7:34 AM, October 01, 2007  

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