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04 January 2009

the holiday rush

well, i'm in amsterdam airport business lounge waiting for my flight. i had about an 8-hour layover here where i strategically avoided TheJules who coincidentally had a layover here around the same time (no, really, i didn't avoid, it's a big city and the window was only a few hours).

i had a great xmas vacation. NYE was awesome, despite Chump not being about to make it out due to a back injury. the drive from colorado to ohio was a great experience (last year was north to south, this yeah west to east). i'm so tired, and so don't want to go back to work, but such is life since i didn't play the lottery while i was home. i KNOW i still have to update the oktoberfest posts. i might just have to have TheWayne write them and i'll produce them here. i'm thinking work will be busy when i get there in two day, since all the deadlines were set for pretty much... um, NOW! TheEJ convinced me i need to get healthy (despite my insistence on sexy), so i'm going to try to cut down on the drinking, and cut up on the exercising. tough on the schedule i'm working, but i'll do my best. when she's up to it, she's going to look around online for some real estate for me. i just can't be bothered though the time is right and i have a few washington's lying around.

ok, i might need a nap before the flight. this is just for all you folk who stuck it out through the 3-week update drought. all will change soon. thank, and more later.


Blogger themom said...

I just got home from hospital...feel tired. Thanks for everything. Love ya bunches.


12:09 PM, January 06, 2009  

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