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07 January 2009

the holiday whirlwind

i don't think i've been this sporadic in posting since the inception of this blog. i do apologize, but things have been hectic as they usually are around the holidays aside from my prior insanity, still catching up from oktoberfest posting, moving out of my lovely apartment to s cramped hotel room for my new assignment, i've just felt a bit... off. still, since today is the second day of coptic christian christmas, i don't have to go to work. i took yesterday off sick, and when i went down to catch my ride this morning, there were no drivers. i made a few calls, and the first one to answer told me there was no work today, so i'm back in the hotel room. i'm gonna grab some breakfast in a few minutes, maybe read a bit, and then start updating. i'm going to work concurrently on the next day of oktoberfest and the christmas holiday and will post whichever is finished first. sorry to have been gone so long. i'm still trying to figure out how to transfer my personalized ZUMEL keyboard from my work computer to my personal one. until then, i can't update that page. i think i might've figured it out before i left work last, but i didn't send the directions to myself, brilliant. more later and thanks for your patience.


Blogger themom said...

OK then...get off the floor (you know what I mean) and get to blogging! I want to hear everything - I know I certainly missed a lot - as you conveniently leave things out - for years. :)

6:12 PM, January 09, 2009  

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