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28 May 2009

kat deluna is full of herself

i've been wanting to make another blog (to eventually ignore probably) about people are just kinda completely useless. it would be simple, a list of 5 or so people per week that just generally i find intolerable, and then one person (alive or dead) that is just cool or good or necessary. still, when i think about this page, i try to think of a name or format. originally, (the idea came to me in india), it was going to be called who would you assassinate? but, if you think back at who was leading out country at the time... if for some reason his name when on my blog, i fear i'd be short-listed by the secret service, possibly even getting a first-hand experience with water-boarding. so i couldn't use that title, i still haven't come up with anything good, but this is kinda of a pre-post for the blog, if i ever start it.

kat deluna is a flash-in-the-pan in my opinion. she's a chubby-faced, cookie-cutter pop star with limited sustainable talent. i'm not going to lie, i like her first hit, "whine up", but the first line (about 0:30 seconds in) of one of her more recent hits, "in the end", is just laughable. the first line is "i'm the textbook definition of a rebel...". seriously? come on, you're a pop star who dances in skimpy outfits and makes pouty faces to the camera in your videos. i don't know why that gets me goat, there is some sort of suspension of disbelief in music as there is in film, but it's like she REALLY is trying to be serious. it's kinda the same as when lil' wayne told katie couric that he's a gangsta... if you have to tell someone, then you probably aren't. it's one of those "understood" things. btw, the "textbook definition of a rebel" from is: a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition. yeah, fits her to a "T".

that was just on my mind. i know i have more important things to blog about that have been left on the back burner far too long. i'll be at it soon. here's lil' wayne at 0:45 letting "miss katie" know he's a gangsta.

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Blogger themom said...

OK...let's get "on it!" Let's see some serious blogging guy. BTW, how's the bot bite? Any updated pics?


9:00 AM, May 28, 2009  
Blogger J Ho said...

My next blog idea would be "Which Would Be The Worst Way To Die?"

I got the idea when I heard about the end of those NFL players stuck out in the Atlantic.

My first blog would be "What Would Be The Worst Way To Die: Gulping in Sea Water, or Taking The Life Preserver Off And Sinking?"

If I can find some medical experts to determine at the end which is worst; but, in the meantime, followers can guess and debate which would be the worst.

12:14 PM, May 30, 2009  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...


give us more of the life in egypt and life on the site, must be boring same as here but you have to stop drifting away, also change the header on your blog it is way out of date, where is your next R&R

keep in touch

Dave in the navarra wine region

3:33 AM, June 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just get totally pants-shitting drunk, see where that adventure leads you, then tell us what happened.

11:00 AM, June 04, 2009  
Blogger dapolishprincess said...

Lil Wayne is stupid, he is a reflection of how dumb America is. I bet Obama has no Lil Wayne on the IPOD.

6:53 PM, June 08, 2009  
Blogger dapolishprincess said...

by the way gangstas don't bowl, they especially don't have their own bowling shoes.

6:54 PM, June 08, 2009  

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