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10 June 2009

will wonders never cease?

last night, around midnight, i was curled up in my blankets in my refrigerated room just the way i like it, when my phone rang. it took me a ring or two to realize what was going on, then figured it out, saw it was midnight, and answered this strange phone number. TheMom drunk dialed me. apparently, TheYoungerSister got TheMom a wee bit loopy down at the pool bar on "bananas in the bush" and some other drink i don't recall because i was half asleep. TheMom repeated how much she loved me and that she's having a good time. TheYoungerSister laughed a lot and told me that she had to dial because TheMom couldn't see the numbers. TheNephew said he was having fun and was looking forward to going swimming in the ocean soon. sounds like they are having a good time, and since i drunk dial TheMom on occasion (oh yeah, **FOREVER SINGLE**) so she can talk to my foreigner friends, i guess turnabout is fair play.

in other news, i ran 6.23 treadmill-miles yesterday in 50 minutes. it said i burnt like 745 calories, but you can never trust those things. i was really surprised how psychological i found running to be rather than physical. i mean, i wasn't running any sort of marathon-pace, but i was going along at a nice clip, and when the 50 minutes was done, i wasn't even really winded. the worst part was the boredom. i can't run without a distraction, so i have the rocking archos 605 wi-fi that TheChump got me for xmas to watch TV on while i run. i watch an episode of something or other that usually lasts about 45 minutes. when the show is over, those last 5 minutes are excruciating. not painful, but my brain just goes haywire at how completely boring running is. maybe another reason i think i need ritalin, i'm under-stimulated or something. i'm sure running out in the world has to have more stimulation, but i'm pretty damn sure it's not orders-of-magnitude, and that's what i need.

i think tomorrow, since it's the start of the weekend, i'm going to ease into the weekend and instead of doing 50 minutes, i'm going to run the treadmill-5K to get a baseline on how i might do. from my 50-minute run, i'm assuming i'll clock in at exactly 25 minutes, but that's at a trot. i might try to up the ante a bit, kick just a wee bit harder and see what happens. if it turns out i'm not a complete running retard, i'm actually kinda thinking about possibly maybe running a REAL 5K when (if ever) i get back home. there are loads of charity 5Ks aren't there? or are they 15Ks? not sure i'd want to do that, but we'll see, and hopefully, soon i'll be seeing some skinny coming my way.

the scotland post is in progress and will probably be up in a day or two. still thinking about a third blog, i think i have the format down, just need the graphics, i'm sure it'll change during it's infancy, and i'm tweaking the ZUMEL keyboard, so i might post there within a few days. i'll keep you updated. later kids.

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Blogger themom said...

I'm sober now - only had ONE appletini today. I had fun drunk dialing you, got Brenda and a couple others. I still love you! I can't remember te last time I got that hangover even.


4:00 PM, June 10, 2009  
Blogger adhyapaka said...

Did I just read correctly that you're considering doing a Charity 5K? Awesome...for lack of a better word.

6:29 PM, June 11, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Scotland? Pish! You didn't even finish Oktoberfest!


12:14 AM, June 12, 2009  

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